Every picture has a story and every moment is itself a story. Our role is to be a storyteller for families.

This section is devoted entirely to families and their stories. Whatever prompts them to come for a photo session; Their experience, good or bad; their emotions, and how their stories are linked with Moments.

Jennifer Jorgenssen & family

Teresa & Moments made an unforgettable experience for our family. She is a truly gifted artist whose muse is her camera. Her ability to capture the true essence of the people she photographs and to help them enjoy every moment of it while she does it shines through in the finished work. I will treasure the pictures she took for us for a lifetime.

Kam & Jeff

Ever since the birth of my daughter, my family looks forward to capturing our special Moments together. And, despite the challenge of a toddler who will not keep her clothes on, or a dog who licks the camera lens, Teresa always manages to magically transform our happy chaos into wonderful memories to share with our family and friends.

Jennifer & Eugene

Teresa really managed to capture the "Moments" and the great thing is, ¡Kit all seemed so effortless on our part! She made me realize that Nathan doesn't always have to be in a good mood and smile for the camera for us to get good pictures. After all, that's how are memories should be¡Knot just glimpses of smiley faces for the camera.

I really think Teresa picked the most appropriate name for her studio. You have the reassurance that Teresa is a "Mom" herself and knows how to handle children, and she miraculously captures every "Moment" of your child in the period of one short session. We now take Nathan back every year for Teresa to capture those "Moments" for us and Teresa has already become a friend to the family!

Heidi & Steve

We've used Teresa Tam-Morris of Moments three times now and we've been really happy with the results. She's set up and shot in our home (our choice) which has made the sessions very natural and relaxed and has given us the flexibity to spontaneously incorporate things that are meaningful to us.